We’ve had the privilege to partner with clients of all sizes and across industries to deliver organizational network analysis projects.

Our clients span industries and include:

Client Testimonials

Project Summaries

Leverage influencers for transformation

Worked with an electronics manufacturer to accelerate and increase the likelihood of success of their transformation initiative, through identifying the 3% of key influencers who connected to 86% of the target population, and analyzing how the network patterns needed to shift to align with the company’s changing business model. (Without ONA, these network patterns were invisible, and management was able to identify less than one-third of the influencers.)

Speed new product development

Sped new product development for pharmaceutical teams spread across multiple projects and time zones by addressing their biggest collaborative challenges, and modifying networks to support the type of work being done.

Understand gender differences in career progression

Analyzed differences in networks by gender, to understand the factors that, combined with workplace challenges, contributed to stifled career advancement for women in a medical center. Established targeted programs to change the workplace norms, rethink personal networks, and lower the barriers that prevented more inclusive management.

Decrease over-reliance to reduce overload and/or burn-out

Identified mid-tier and hidden talent for a large medical device company, which was growing fast, and relied too heavily on high-tenured people and senior leaders. To support their growth strategy, they needed to shift work and develop capabilities in new “go-to” people.

Optimize integration strategies for acquisitions

Optimized the integration strategies for an aerospace & defense company who is growing by acquisition. By understanding the informal workflows to ensure that the groups that relied upon each other were kept together, and that critical talent was highly valued, the acquiring company quickly realized the benefit of their acquisitions.

Accelerated transition of new leader

Accelerated the success of a newly hired biotech Chief Scientific Officer by providing knowledge of the ecosystem of relationships that existed, providing insights into existing group dynamics, collaborative practices, super-connectors, and those on the network fringe who would benefit from being engaged.